Customer analytics for the physical world.

How it works

CrowdLens is a customer analytics tool for the real word. It monitors customers’ behavior through deep learning, helping managers to enrich customer experience. The solution is efficient because it uses the already existing infrastructure to collect necessary data, in order to provide essential information about customer activity and market segmentation.

Existing infrastructure

Video cameras that are already in place, but most of the data is not used. We take this data and process it.

Computer vision and AI

Using state-of-the-art algorithms, we process the data and extract the relevant information.

Business insights

Actionable, real-time alerts. You can have an overview of your business through dashboards and reports.

Use Cases


Online retailers know a lot about their customers, leading to a better customer experience and increased sales. In the brick-and-mortar shops, gathering all that data to analyze customer’s behavior is either expensive or intrusive.

CrowdLens can change this. It counts and segments your customers so that you know how many there are, who they are and when do they come to your shop. And you can use all that data for customized campaigns. The heatmap feature will show you where people flock and what areas they avoid, to later optimize the layout of your store.


Managing visitors’ flow at big events can be hard. You might know when people get in, but you don't know when they go out, where they go and if there are too many or too few people in certain areas.

Using our solution, you can better manage and understand your visitors' flow. You’ll know exactly how many people came to the event, who they are and where they went. And traffic problems can be addressed in real time. Finally, you will have the stats of your event in order to better negotiate the price of the stands for future events and you will be able to tell your partners exactly how many people came to their stand.

Automating Conveyot Belts

Extracting actionable insights from a sea of data created by the world’s billions of cameras and sensors is a huge task, and maintaining a connection from these devices to the cloud for processing may be overly expensive or infeasible due to security, regulatory, or bandwidth restrictions. We enable organizations to process data locally, to trigger alerts and take actions automatically and to upload to the cloud when needed.

CCTV Recording Camera

We are bringing AI and machine learning to every camera that is already available.



Know how many people enter your building and when, so you can better manage the customer flow.

Customer Segmentation

We provide demographic information about your clients. So next time you want to make a promotion, you know who they are.

Heat maps

See where people are going and understand their behaviour. This way you can better manage space and layouts.

Custom Reports

Generate reports with just a few clicks. You can compare different locations at different times.

Real-time alerts

Never lose track of your business. When something happens with your business, you can be notified immediately.


Have one place for all the data. You can compare the state of your business through different moments of time.